CST272 Final Project


  1. The "FacePamphlet" database consists of the following three tables, Members, Posts, and Friends, to be created in Microsoft SQL Server (or Microsoft Access or MySQL)
  2. Please note to make your application transportable (to be able to move from one workstation to another during development to work on the project, as well as to facilitate grading by the instructor) the database must be placed in the "App_Data" folder and the ConnectionString in the "web.config" file must point to that folder using the DataDirectory variable in place of the absolute path (a 5 point penalty out of 100% if you fail to do this)
  3. For all the Web pages in this application, you should be using:
    • A Master Page with text and images in a banner that is positioned at the top of the page (the sample banner at the top of all the Web Forms is only a suggested model and does not need to be reproduced exactly as displayed; it was created with a basic on-line banner maker program, incuding a small image file that was downloaded and pasted onto the left margin of the banner), and some simple text Label such as "A virtual social gathering place" inserted below it
    • An external style sheet linked to all pages on the website to create a uniform look for the entire site; some suggestions for this file include a class for all the asp:Buttons on every page; all <hr> tags, all <th> (table heading) tags, etc.
    • You may use any images you want as the friends' photos or download the images available by clicking the following link; either way (if you download the "photos" from this link or use your own "friends" photos) make certain that you rename each image so that the filenames match the FirstName field values in your Members table
  4. Create a Web page "Login.aspx" from which users select their "login name" and access their "Face Pamphlet" member home page
  5. Create a Web page "MemberHome.aspx" from which users view and manage information about their posts and friends
  6. Create a Web page "InsertPost.aspx" from which users can add new posts to their member home page
  7. Create a Web page "InsertFriend.aspx" from which users can select new friends
  8. Create a Web page "FriendInfo.aspx" from which users view information about their friends' posts and friends